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A mythical place

Inaugurated in January 2020, Mitiko is the new Restaurant and Pizzeria in Verona. A brainchild of Annalisa Bosello, former water polo champion in CSS Verona, Mitiko is the place for sport and good food lovers.

A place created by sportspeople and dedicated to sportspeople

Sciabolata morbida

Tiro a sciarpa


A place everyone agrees on,

really everyone

Mitiko is a place to spend time with your teammates, your opponents, colleagues, or your family. Perfect for sportspeople: the crunchiness of our Neapolitan pizza, the tastiness of our burgers, and the aroma of our craft beers.

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From company dinners to birthday parties, Mitiko is where you want to celebrate. Good food, lots of space, and a unique selection of beers, what more could you want?

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A mythical place even for kids

Bring your whole family with you. We have a safe and fun kids area that will entertain children of all ages. We are Mitiko, and we are for everyone!

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